Ah counter

The Blue Diamonds Toastmasters Club

My role as the “AH COUNTER” is to note words and sounds that are used as a “crutch” or “pause filler” by anyone who speaks. During the meeting I will listen for words AND COUNT that may be inappropriate expressions such as “well, so, you know.” Sounds may be “ah, um, er.” I will also note when a speaker repeats a word or phrase, such as “I, I” or “This means, this means.” This is known as a “double clutch.” At the end of the meeting, I will report the number of times that each speaker used these expressions.


I had work off yesterday. Why?

Because I could not find idea for English speech contest.

I went to Sento, and I wached Mt. Fuji on Sento’s wall.

I got good idea. That is Shiori-chan. It connects between great toast masters and computer, and generate ideas automatically.

Oops. This was TM. M’s story. please forget about it.


It is truly difficult to make a speech. Every time that problem annoy me.

What do you think the main point of making speech?

Stories? Messages? Laughing point?


The Great toest master and the master of Mindmap TM. O said that we should consider the “message” at first before making speech.


I wrote out as much as possible what kind of message for English contest speech.

Just a few minutes, I came up with plenty of messages. It is about 50 messages.

I surprised it. These are just only my ideas.

If we share our messages together, there are infinite messages all over the world.

In other words, it is very difficult to pick up a message from massive messages.


I noticed that the both of one message and the opposite message have persuasiveness.

For example,

Do things efficiently and Let’s take a detour.

Share ideas with people and Don’t be influenced by people’s opinion.

We can learn from either messages, can’t we? It is very mysterious.


What is message?  Is message really important for the speech?

First of all, we are Toastmaster, so we have speech.

Speeches impress us. Their original stories impresses us.

Let me give you two example. Of course I choose them related on space.


At first, I want to talk about Earon Mask in his speech.

He delivered a message that he will deliver human to Mars by 2020.

It is a very difficult. That is even NASA has not been achieved.

But recently, he was succeed in sending a space ship to space as the first civilian.

As you know, the results were not perfect, but it is still meaningful that he accomplished what we could not achieve.

The dream of bringing people to Mars by 2020 will be difficult, but we can believe it someday will be achieved.

2nd, About Steven Hawkins, the message of his speech is to unravel the mystery of the universe.

He is HLS, his body cannot move, he cannot speak.

However, he reveals the origin of the universe and continues to challenge the mystery of the universe steadily now.


A strong messages move the audience.

The message has a power to change impossible thing to possible.

Also, by sharing messages you can make an audience on your side.


I noticed that all messages are indicators to make our life better.

Let’s take care of the message.

Your message is your speech itself.




The goal is clear, bigger is better

My previous goal on my life was to speak Chinese fluently. Make and succeed a 10 minute speech in front of people. Was it achieved? I ask it myself. Not yet。

1. My first business trip is to Taiwan 15 years ago. At that time I was very nervous. Because only one of the engineers who went to the client’s company. At that time, It was two years since I started my job. I could not speak Chinese, I also could not speak English. Moreover my technology skill was immature. But I got some help from a Japanese parson. And at the end, I succeeded the mission and returned to japan. He is a resident employee. He was 5 years older than me. His Chinese was very fluent. I was impressed from his work. After seeing him, I also wanted to speak Chinese fluently. I thought if I study Chinese for five years I should be able to reach his Chinese level At that time, I was a little arrogant.

2.  Then I had a couple of chances to work in Taiwan. I communicated with local engineers in English in Taiwan. They liked Japanese TV dramas and cartoons. So they could speak Japanese. I also tried to speak Chinese. But they could not understand what I said in Chinese. Then I decided to study Chinese harder. I began to study in Chinese school. The cost of study was 12 thousand yen in a month. Is it expensive?  Yes, this is the same as the cost of attending the Toastmaster in one year. I took examinations of Chinese. I understood a little Chinese grammar. But one day, I skipped to learn Chinese for a while, then I forgot the contents that I already studied. Finally, I gave up studying in Chinese school. I decided to study Chinese by myself.

3. Then I was transferred to another department. That department had no chance to business trip, and no chance to use Chinese. In my work, Learning Chinese is unnecessary. But I still continued to learn Chinese. Because I wanted to master Chinese. 10 years have passed since I started studying Chinese. I learned the difficulty of mastering Chinese.

4. Since then, my environment of studying Chinese had a great change. Thanks to speed up of internet performance, I could use Skype to learn Chinese on the internet. Although I study Chinese for thirty minutes every day, the cost of study Chinese is only six thousand yen. Of course, I studied every day. And my Chinese was getting better and better. Finally, I could communicate with Chinese in Chinese. My situation of the company also changed. Now I have chance to use Chinese in my work. But my Chinese is not business level.  Now, I want to improve my Chinese. And I got a chance in this year. In February, I have a business trip to China for three months. It makes me very happy. I am looking forward to it。

5. My previous goal on my life was to speak Chinese fluently. Make and succeed a 10 minute speech in front of people. I have not achieved yet, but I want to achieve it this year. I have a suggestion for you. Please clarify your goals. Goal is the bigger the better. Because the goal will bring you happy after you achieved.

I wish you a happy new year!

Tea fraud

Have you ever paid an expensive payment in bar like Yakuza bar in Kabuki-Cho? Of course, I have not. I am a perfect man. I do not go to such a dangerous place. Do you know the tea fraud in Shanghai? Beautiful ladies will talk to you at famous sightseeing spots in Shanghai, and they will ask you to take a picture. You will make friends with them. Finally they will invite you to go to tea. But, it is a fraud that forces you to buy an expensive tea in tea shop. The targets of tea fraud are just young men who came from countryside or tourist. They do not have friends in Shanghai. They want friends, so they are deceived easily by beautiful ladies. This is a story I heard from a friend of a friend.

He knew about tea fraud from local colleagues in advance. But he did not meet tea fraud at all. His Shanghai life was so fine. However, the incident occurred in the last week of staying in Shanghai. When he was walking around in downtown, two beautiful ladies talked to him.

Wemen: “Hi! Where are you from?”

Him: “I am from Japan.”

Wemen: “Oh, I studied Japanese when I was student.”

Him: “Konnichiwa”

Two beautiful ladies said let’s go to coffee shop for talking. He doubted a little bit of two beautiful ladies. But coffee shop would be safe, so he went to coffee shop with them. They talked at the coffee shop.

Wemen: “We live in burabura. We are on the trip now.”

Him: “I went to there. That was nice place.”

They talked like this for an hour. After that, two beautiful ladies said let’s go to billiards nearby. He likes billiards so much, so he went with them. What a foolish guy he is? They arrived at a bar. It has a billiard table. He enjoyed billiards while drinking beer. Two beautiful ladies started to recommend whiskey to him. He did not like whiskey, so he did not drink that whiskey. Two beautiful ladies drank whiskey so much. He enjoyed billiards for an hour and received a payment. It showed 50,000 yen in Japanese. Why?  He checked the bill. The cost of whiskey was too expensive! Yes, he was deceived.

What happened to him in the end? Actually to say, he had only 3000 yen from the beginning. Two beautiful ladies told him to pay with a card, but he did not even have a card. At the end, two beautiful ladies tried to threaten him for paying money. A muscular clerk came to mediate two beautiful ladies and him. He said to clerk to call police and hand over him.
Actually to say, the bar and two beautiful ladies are groups. They hate police. The bar wanted to continue the operation. At last, they gave up. They said only 3000 yen is Ok, Foo…

To tell the truth, he studied the tea fraud on the net beforehand. On the net, there are a lot of information who was deceived by tea fraud.  He was ready to give counter punch to the tea fraud.

Second, he could speak Chinese. Two beautiful ladies threatened him to report this incident to his company. But he said to them in Chinese. No problem. Is there any failure for me? Then, two beautiful ladies could not say anything It is important to argue your right.  That will be measure against the bad people. Two beautiful ladies seemed to be so regrettable because their fraud was fail.
He was satisfied so much with seeing them. He is very smart, isn’t he? But I do not recommend you to imitate him.

I think Japanese tend to pay asking price as it is. We can re consider that it is fair price or not before payment. Now we are in the Net era. You can get information as much as you want to know. Also, we are in Toastmasters club. We are studying to argue in English now. What a wonderful thing. If you want to argue in Chinese, you can go to Chinese toast masters too:)




どういうことかというと、カルシウムは太陽よりずっと大きな星が爆発するときにできるらしいです。 大きな星が爆発する瞬間、その星がつぶれて、星の材料が圧縮されて鉄とかカルシウムなどに生まれ変わったあと、それを宇宙にばらまくらしいのです。







ありえないっておもっているのですが、 映画みたいなロマンス本当にあったらよいのにな、と思っています。