The goal is clear, bigger is better

My previous goal on my life was to speak Chinese fluently. Make and succeed a 10 minute speech in front of people. Was it achieved? I ask it myself. Not yet。

1. My first business trip is to Taiwan 15 years ago. At that time I was very nervous. Because only one of the engineers who went to the client’s company. At that time, It was two years since I started my job. I could not speak Chinese, I also could not speak English. Moreover my technology skill was immature. But I got some help from a Japanese parson. And at the end, I succeeded the mission and returned to japan. He is a resident employee. He was 5 years older than me. His Chinese was very fluent. I was impressed from his work. After seeing him, I also wanted to speak Chinese fluently. I thought if I study Chinese for five years I should be able to reach his Chinese level At that time, I was a little arrogant.

2.  Then I had a couple of chances to work in Taiwan. I communicated with local engineers in English in Taiwan. They liked Japanese TV dramas and cartoons. So they could speak Japanese. I also tried to speak Chinese. But they could not understand what I said in Chinese. Then I decided to study Chinese harder. I began to study in Chinese school. The cost of study was 12 thousand yen in a month. Is it expensive?  Yes, this is the same as the cost of attending the Toastmaster in one year. I took examinations of Chinese. I understood a little Chinese grammar. But one day, I skipped to learn Chinese for a while, then I forgot the contents that I already studied. Finally, I gave up studying in Chinese school. I decided to study Chinese by myself.

3. Then I was transferred to another department. That department had no chance to business trip, and no chance to use Chinese. In my work, Learning Chinese is unnecessary. But I still continued to learn Chinese. Because I wanted to master Chinese. 10 years have passed since I started studying Chinese. I learned the difficulty of mastering Chinese.

4. Since then, my environment of studying Chinese had a great change. Thanks to speed up of internet performance, I could use Skype to learn Chinese on the internet. Although I study Chinese for thirty minutes every day, the cost of study Chinese is only six thousand yen. Of course, I studied every day. And my Chinese was getting better and better. Finally, I could communicate with Chinese in Chinese. My situation of the company also changed. Now I have chance to use Chinese in my work. But my Chinese is not business level.  Now, I want to improve my Chinese. And I got a chance in this year. In February, I have a business trip to China for three months. It makes me very happy. I am looking forward to it。

5. My previous goal on my life was to speak Chinese fluently. Make and succeed a 10 minute speech in front of people. I have not achieved yet, but I want to achieve it this year. I have a suggestion for you. Please clarify your goals. Goal is the bigger the better. Because the goal will bring you happy after you achieved.

I wish you a happy new year!


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