I had work off yesterday. Why?

Because I could not find idea for English speech contest.

I went to Sento, and I wached Mt. Fuji on Sento’s wall.

I got good idea. That is Shiori-chan. It connects between great toast masters and computer, and generate ideas automatically.

Oops. This was TM. M’s story. please forget about it.


It is truly difficult to make a speech. Every time that problem annoy me.

What do you think the main point of making speech?

Stories? Messages? Laughing point?


The Great toest master and the master of Mindmap TM. O said that we should consider the “message” at first before making speech.


I wrote out as much as possible what kind of message for English contest speech.

Just a few minutes, I came up with plenty of messages. It is about 50 messages.

I surprised it. These are just only my ideas.

If we share our messages together, there are infinite messages all over the world.

In other words, it is very difficult to pick up a message from massive messages.


I noticed that the both of one message and the opposite message have persuasiveness.

For example,

Do things efficiently and Let’s take a detour.

Share ideas with people and Don’t be influenced by people’s opinion.

We can learn from either messages, can’t we? It is very mysterious.


What is message?  Is message really important for the speech?

First of all, we are Toastmaster, so we have speech.

Speeches impress us. Their original stories impresses us.

Let me give you two example. Of course I choose them related on space.


At first, I want to talk about Earon Mask in his speech.

He delivered a message that he will deliver human to Mars by 2020.

It is a very difficult. That is even NASA has not been achieved.

But recently, he was succeed in sending a space ship to space as the first civilian.

As you know, the results were not perfect, but it is still meaningful that he accomplished what we could not achieve.

The dream of bringing people to Mars by 2020 will be difficult, but we can believe it someday will be achieved.

2nd, About Steven Hawkins, the message of his speech is to unravel the mystery of the universe.

He is HLS, his body cannot move, he cannot speak.

However, he reveals the origin of the universe and continues to challenge the mystery of the universe steadily now.


A strong messages move the audience.

The message has a power to change impossible thing to possible.

Also, by sharing messages you can make an audience on your side.


I noticed that all messages are indicators to make our life better.

Let’s take care of the message.

Your message is your speech itself.